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vedante's mission statement

Vedante Hip Hopvedante corp. manufactures and provides a complete line of fashionable clothing, accessories, and safety apparel for people world-wide who travel, work, train, or play during low-light conditions outdoors.  vedante brings visual safety to the fashion business with 360 degree visible and reflective clothing, and fashion to the safety apparel business with products that are fashionable, tasteful, and fun.  we are committed to saving lives and reducing injuries from vehicle-pedestrian and vehicle-bicycle accidents while at the same time providing products that make people feel safe and look good while wearing them. 


doing business vedante style

vedante is headquartered in boulder colorado at the base of the beautiful rocky mountains. we have a casual, fun, buzzing environment full of positive energy, high quality productivity and passionate spirits. we embrace the challenge of balancing work and play. the atmosphere is casual but expectations are high

Vedante Bikewe believe in team collaboration and respectful, supportive & honest communication with one another. it's a fun, high-energy atmosphere that reflects our creative and passion for the customer, the product and our communities.

vedante believes that integrity is the cornerstone of our business and all of our relationships; therefore we are committed to working with our customers, vendors and people honestly and forthrightly.

vedante is a privately-held company with investors.

connect with vedante

we really do want to hear from you. tell us what makes a difference to you. email comments and suggestions to customer service . your thoughts and ideas are important to us and they will not be ignored.


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